Friday, November 14, 2014


Hi guys so in this post i'm gonna like give u a lot of facts about myself and ya but just like a little recap this week has been so busy because I had to make two cell models one animal cell and one plant cell. I thought it went well and ya so now i still have so many projects in class but let me give you facts about me:) P.S I tag do to this

Author: John Green

Book: TFIOS (the fault in our stars)

Movies: TFIOS, Divergent, and the 1D MOVIES

Places: Connecticut, Basketball practice or games

Sports to watch: Basketball

Sport to play: Basketball, Volleyball, and soccer 

Songs: All the 1D and 5SOS songs, Need you right now

Ice cream: Cookies and cream, chocolate and peanut butter


Actress: All the girls in PLL(pretty little liars) Jennifer lawrence

Singers: Taylor swift(I like her song but not her), Katy Perry

Christmas Movies: How the grinch stole christmas, elf, a christmas story 

Christmas songs: Frosty the snow man, Rudolf the red nose reindeer, Jingle bells

Animal: Monkey or giraffe 

Color: Blue and Mint green

Food: mac and cheese or grilled cheese with a lot of cheese

Dessert: IDK I want it to be her dads pumpkin pie but she doesn't let me have any :( lol


Number: 6

Fast food restaurant: In n out

Candy: Starburst

Store: Aeropostale and Bath and body works

Youtuber: Bethany Mota, Stilababe09, Makeupbymandy24, and Shaytards


Saturday, November 1, 2014

My first blog!!!!!

Hi everyone so this is my blog i'm gonna blog about stuff that happens in my lifetime so ya and happy late halloween yesterday was so much fun my friends and I went to my school for something called Fall Family Festival (FFF) what we do there is the band lays music and i'm in that band so we played a couple of songs then went classroom to classroom getting a lot of candy it was so much fun and I think i'm gonna go trick or treating next year with some friends instead of FFF. The only thing i don't like about halloween is that if I eat sooooooooooo much candy I might get fat so i'm not gonna eat that much this year lol. 

Have fun eating candy but don't eat to much i'm just kidding your not gonna get fat.

Peace out IsabelleStyles5